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BMW E36 M3 GT 3.0i (295 PS) Coupé '95

auch bekannt als: Sportauspuffanlage für BMW E36 M3 GT

Supersprint knows the BMW Motorsport classic models like no other.

While most exhausts can only offer more noise, ours make more power, and guarantee the perfect blend of race/sport sound.

We build the best performing, lightest weight, most durable long-tube headers and Race exhausts for the hard core M3 enthusiasts.

Every single part has been designed, developed and dyno tested to offer a substantially improved exhaust gas flow than the std. components.

Technically speaking, the S50 Motorsport engine is one of the first BMW high-revving powerplants with variable cam timing (Vanos) system.

A revolutionary feature for that era, which paved the road to future , more advanced engine designs.

For best results in terms of midrange torque and max hp, this BMW powerplant demands for an exhaust with a specific layout, combined catalytic volume, and piping with a tuned-lenght and overall dimensioning to go with it.

A huge amount of R&D work and dyno testing went into this Supersprint full system; as a result, our tubular headers have larger primaries, 42mm vs. 38mm, and Oversize downpipes (60mm vs. 52mm).

The front section uses HJS Motorsport, high volume, 100 cpsi dual cats.

The cat-back / rear muffler section, available in two distinct versions, Lightweight (Race) and Sport (with EEC homologation) has 60mm, dual piping, and a totally free-flowing, inner silencer canister design.

Those features make the Supersprint full exhaust the most effective addition to the engine, wether in stock form, or mated with more radical, racetrack-specific tunes and other modifications.

As with all of the Supersprint exhausts, this system installs easily and fits perfectly, becoming the ideal complement to this BMW Motorsport iconic car.

Mit  EWG-Homologation / entsprechend der EWG-Richtlinie 70/157
Die Anzuschraubende Supersprint Teil sind nur in Verbindung mit den Supersprint ESD-Anlage, je nach Fahrzeugmodell, EWG Die Anzuschraubende Supersprint Teil sind nur in Verbindung mit den Supersprint ESD-Anlage, je nach Fahrzeugmodell, EWG genehmigt
kompatibel mit Serienkatalysator
Nur für den Rennsport
Nicht mehr produziert. Lieferbar nur solange Vorrat reicht
Sockel für Lambdasensoren
Ovales Endrohr
Doppelt-ovale Endrohre
Flachovales Endrohr
mit Herstellerbescheinigung zur Fertigung nach Geräuschrichtlinien
mit Bestätigung zu zeitgenössischem Zubehör / historisches Zubehör
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