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PORSCHE 997 GT3 RS 3.8i (450 PS) 2009 -> 2011

auch bekannt als: Sportauspuffanlage für PORSCHE 911 997.2 GT3 RS

Supersprint is proud to offer the new race exhaust for the 2009-2011 Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

It is made by long tube headers, HJS Motorsport, large volume Race catalytics and a muffler with integrated, built-in Helmoltz-resonator chamber.

The extra-long primary tube design, the step-diameter, and the tuned, overall dimensioning, a trademark of Supersprint, make these headers the undisputed champion in performance, with substantial gains both in peak hp and in low and midrange rpm torque.

On the 911 GT3, a car made for the racetrack, most of the commonly known exhaust principles and ideas do not apply.

Our R&D crew has worked strenuously, with designing, building, testing and scrapping many prototype exhausts, until we finally came up with the perfect system.
 The muffler design sports a built-in Helmoltz resonator chamber, which tames the db level down to meet the FIA regulations, yet it does not hamper nor reduces the exhaust flow rate by the slightest amount.
No need for funky hp-killer, nor other awful tail pipe add-ons.
Our system is built to be installed, ready to go, as is.

Performance-wise, the Supersprint long tube, step diameter primary headers and the HJS Motorsport, 100 cpsi large-volume cats are the perfect complement to the SS muffler; that is exactly what the high-revving engine of the GT3 needs.

Short headers designs only have a limited potential, regardless of their primary diameter; they add little or no power over the factory exhaust.

Instead, long tube headers are the ideal exhaust design.

Nowadays, this concept seems to have  become the latest craze among the exhaust makers and the Porsche specialists, worldwide.

We can proudly say, Supersprint has invented and pioneered the concept, independently.
We learned our lesson and made it work, way before the others have embraced it.

On each of the GT3 versions that followed, the Porsche Factory has gone through a steady, continuous development process on the engine, by increasing displacement, going to direct-fuel injection, bumping up compression ratio, moving the redline to a higher rpm, altering cam timing, redesigning the intake system and fine tuning the fuel & spark advance mapping to enhance and complement the changes.

All the while, the stock exhaust system has remained unaltered, putting a damp on the true performance potential.

Porsche has continuously refined the original concept of the GT3 engine, getting to increase the baseline, stock performance, step-by-step. A very clever approach, which delivered brilliant results throughout the years.

But there is one sore spot, unfortunately; the redundant, overkill exhaust system is still the same restrictive design introduced on the 997 GT3  3.6L.

Here at Supersprint in Italy, we never stopped in doing our homework, upgrading and improving our original design to larger diameter primaries, to wider inlet ports on the flanges, and adopting other subtle, yet significant dimensional features.

In the era of the Turbocharged supercars, the Porsche GT3 may be the last of the great, N/A high-revving race cars.
After all these years, Supersprint is proud to still offer the best exhaust system for this legendary model.
Mit EWG-Homologation oder alternativ Bauteil entspricht der EWG Richtlinie 70/157
Die Anzuschraubende Supersprint Teil sind nur in Verbindung mit den Supersprint ESD-Anlage, je nach Fahrzeugmodell, EWG Die Anzuschraubende Supersprint Teil sind nur in Verbindung mit den Supersprint ESD-Anlage, je nach Fahrzeugmodell, EWG genehmigt
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Nicht mehr produziert. Lieferbar nur solange Vorrat reicht
Sockel für Lambdasensoren
mit Herstellerbescheinigung zur Fertigung nach Geräuschrichtlinien
mit Bestätigung zu zeitgenössischem Zubehör / historisches Zubehör
Ersatz-Katalysatoranlagen/-systeme  für Fahrzeuge mit ODB II Kontrollsystem (Mit Lambdasonden vor und nach dem Kat (Monitorsonde)
Diese Komponenten dürfen nur für Rennzwecke und ausschließlich in Verbindung mit entsprechenden Änderungen des Motormanagementsystems verwendet werden.
Bei Verwendung mit einer serienmäßigen Motorsteuergeräte-Einstellung können Fehlfunktionen auftreten.
Alle Steuergeräte-Änderungen dürfen nur von qualifiziertem Personal unter der Verantwortung und Kosten des Fahrzeugbesitzers durchgeführt werden.

Die Supersprint-Garantie für alle Rennprodukte beschränkt sich auf die Qualität, Verarbeitung und korrekte Passform zu dem jeweils vorgesehenen Fahrzeugmodell.
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