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Supersprint front pipe with HJS 200 CPSI metallic sports cat.

This component replaces the OEM front silencer.
Because the OEM catalytic converter is originally  placed on the downpipe, in the engine bay, this component should be fitted with the Supersprint catless downpipe 767811.

The HJS metallic matrix has a very high noble metal impregnation and it's the best on the market. It allows to pass periodical emission tests.

The combination of 767811 + 767832 drastically improve the gas flow and bring a consistent power gain.
The new position of the cat, under the car frame and way from the turbocharger brings, along with a better gas flow, also a temperature reduction inside the engine bay, as the cat can now exchange heat in open air.

It's a component extremely recommended in road-use tuning programs.

A O2 sensor bung is placed downstream of the new cat, in case the sensor wire is extended and the sensor plugged there.

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