Audi A4/A5 2.7/3.0 TDI: How to find out which version of the downpipe fits your car

3 Types of downpipe for the 3.0 TDI V6 engine exist. To find out which one fit on your car follow the instructions:

The simplest method is contact the local Audi dealer and, using the VIN number of your car, ask what is the spare part number for the DPF (diesel particulate filter)

If it's 8K0 254 750 LX it means the correct Supersprint downpipe is the "long" one, cod. 767211.
If it's 8K0 254 750 SX or 8K0 254 751 EX the "short" one is correct, cod. 767231.
if it's 4G0 254 750 BX the most recent version is required, cod. 767251.

If the code doesn't match the ones above:
Look inside the engine bay, between the engine and the windscreen you can see the OEM downpipe with the DPF.
Look at the part that goes toward the bottom of the car (you may need a flashlight).
If you can see a flange, close to the DPF, it means you need the short downpipe, 767231.
If you can't see it because the pipe keep going down, you need the long version 767211.
To replace the long version a competent mechanic may need 15 hours.
To replace the short version just 3-4.
Usually the short version is fitted on cars manifactured after May 2008, while the long version is usually found on previous cars.

Stock DPF "short" version removed and as it looks on the car. Note the visible bolt (RED ARROW) that means the short version is fitted on the car.

Since 2012 a new type of DPF has been introduced. It's identical to the previous "short" version but it's fitted with a new flange design. In case the car is fitted with such componente it's necessary to use the Supersprint downpipe cod. 767251. See the picture as reference:

The removal of the DPF needs an ECU reflash. The DPF functions must be deactivated and the engine management tuned to avoid smoke and an irregular power delivery. Supersprint doesn't provide a ECU reprogramming service but may be able to suggest a tuning company in your country
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