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Supersprint front pipe with high flow catalytic converter by HJS Motorsport  - made in Germany ttp://
Manufactured in Aisi 304 Stainless Steel, this component drastically increases the flow of gas, with improved engine efficiency, optimal pollutant reduction and improved durability to thermal stress, for example on track.
It replaces the OEM front catalytic converters and is a key factor in the performance increase of this exhaust system.
Two O2 sensor bungs are included, one before the metallic cat (upstream) and one after (downstream).
As the stock front pipe has two catalytic converters, with the bung placed after the 1st one, fitting this Supersprint part will result in the sensor reading the wrong values.
The 1st bung is recommended if the ECU has been remapped with specific attention to the sensors, or if the correct type of emulators / micro-cats / sensor cheaters are fitted.
The 2nd bung, after the new cat, can be used extending the wire.
On the more recent models we cannot guarantee that the Check Engine Light will remain off with the second solution (extended cables)
More information is available on request.
The catalytic converter has a HJS 100 CPSI metallic matrix and a high volume, for the best performance and pollutant reduction possible.
Most of the "cheap" sports cats on the market, usually too small in volume and cross section, often cause a performance loss. The HJS ones instead are distinguished by generous volume and high content of noble metals (Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium) for optimal pollutant reduction, comparable if not identical to the stock cats but with a much higher gas flow, similar to catless pipes.
The HJS metallic cat allows to pass the periodic emission checks.

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