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Supersprint headers system for the V8 Twin Turbo engine of the F10 M5, the F12/F13 M6 and the F06 M6 GranCoupé.
It also applies to the F85 X5 M and to the F86 X6 M.
The new Supersprint headers uses the same pattern as the stock exhaust manifold, which merges the primaries in pairs (based upon the specific firing pattern of the 8 cylinders), running from the head, opposite exhaust ports down to each of the inlets of the twin scroll turbo chargers.
The full, tubular design of the eight primaries eliminates all of the restrictions, while the precision crafted, merge connections optimize the energy of the hot exhaust gas charge into the turbos, transforming the improved spooling efficiency into increase boost pressure of the intake air charge, at all rpm.
This translates into higher torque at low and mid rpm, as well as substantially more hp at peak.
We recommend these headers to be used in conjunction with the Supersprint Downpipe kit, and with a reprogramming of the ECU, for best results.
While these new Supersprint headers are a great addition, when used with the engine in stock configuration, their best performance result is achieved with more radical engine modifications, beginning from 700 hp on up.
The tubing steel alloy of the Supersprint headers is the 310S, which had been developed and used successfully on F1, race headers applications.
The special alloy and the design of the Supersprint's own expansion joints / sealing rings ensures a leak-free operation, an optimum resistance to the extreme temperature of the exhaust gas, and a service-free, long life of the headers.

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