Purchasing guide

Consultation of the Supersprint.com catalogue is possible in any given moment, within the product screen, place the chosen item in the "basket" indicating the quantity (the default quantity is 1) and clicking on the relative basket icon.
Just repeat the same procedure to order another item.
The product selected will be added to the shopping basket and the number of items present in the basket and the price will be up-dated: this information is visible on every page of the web site in the part reserved for the basket under the heading image ("Items in basket" and "Total amount").

Clicking on "Checkout" the contents of the basket can be viewed and the payment procedure can be accessed; this procedure can be cancelled in any moment before and up to point 4, explained below.

The steps for completing an order are the following:

1) Order summary: in this step the items present in the shopping trolley may be eliminated or their quantity modified: the "Continue order" button leads to the next step.

2) Personal information: the data necessary for the purchase, relative receipt and delivery is requested; the obligatory fields to completed are indicated by a red asterisk.

3) Order confirmation: all the acquired data is summarised in a table, in which the delivery expenses, based on the total cost of the order and the destination, are also calculated and displayed; if the data displayed is correct, by clicking on the "Confirm order" button access to credit card payment is granted.

4) Payment by credit card: the page is supplied by the bank that deals with receiving the Supersprint.com site's payments; the connection is encrypted with technology TLS (Transport Layer Security) and is therefore totally safe; no credit card information relative to the purchase is transmitted to the Supersprint.com site; having inserted the relative credit card details and clicked on the "Pay" button the order is carried out and two e-mails are sent to the e-mail address indicated by the purchaser in point 2:
- the e-mail confirming the bank transaction;
- the e-mail confirming the receipt of the order carried out.
NB: the debiting of the sum of the order to the credit card account is not immediate but is carried out in the moment in which Supersprint.com accepts the actual order. 

5) Bank Transfer: It will be necessary to specify in the bank transfer, the order number given by the site.
Bank Transfer will be addressed to these coordinates:
IBAN: IT45L0306911510100000000280 

We accept both traditional bank transfers, both transfers online.
It must be specified the reason of the transfer order number assigned by the website.
The products will be sent immediately after the transfer executed.

The purchasing procedure can be interrupted in any given moment without consequence.
The order number present in the e-mail is for use as a reference in any request for assistance to our Customer service
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