Exhaust system development for BMW M5 E61 Touring

Davide Brancini, head of research and development:
Here we introduce the full exhaust system for the BMW E61 M5 Touring.This is a V10 naturally aspirated engine so the headers have a very relevant role in the power increase. As you can see we have put the stock manifold side by side with ours. The stock manifold has some noticeable section reductions, even if it is equal length; this limits the power meaningfully, while our component has the same section for the whole length, which give a power gain of around 40 hp. We have the European and international patent for these headers and they have been adopted by the best tuners in the world, resulting in being the absolute best.
Supersprint exhaust: flow improvements with high performance catalytic converters and new frame reinforcement braces.
The front section is composed by 70mm pipes that enter in two HJW metallic 100 CPSI 130mm cats. In the centre section we have kept the same diameter, 70mm, for the whole length of the pipes. We have insert the X for the pressure balance between the two lines and we offer both a silenced and unsilenced version; in the rear section we have introduced newly designed reinforcement braces to eliminate the drastic section reduction present in the stock system. The same 70mm diameter remains down to the mufflers. The rear exhaust fitted to this car is a "racing" version, with smaller canisters; this brings a really improved sport sound.The tailpipes fitted are four round, not lipped, 80mm outlets which give a very aggressive look to the rear end of the car
Let's leave the word to the customer:
Hi, my car is an E61 BMW M5, which is a 2009 model. I've known of Supersprint for a number of years, I started off buying an exhaust for my E30 BMW from 1990's, and I've got that at home, so I'm going from there and progressing to my current car I looked at Superprint for my solution. The purpose of my vehicle and sound that I wanted has been fulfilled because I didn't want a sound that was too loud, something that is desirable because it is a prestige vehicle, but something that I could really feel the engine talking or singing. So it's been fulfilled, it's been perfect. Ciao! Doug and I would like to thank our very special heartfelt Italian hospitality while we're here not only just to say the passion with everybody you can say that you are like the walking, talking brochure of cars and making that come true, I mean Doug came all the way from Melbourne and that's...you don't get that everyday so we were equally treated with such passion so we'd like to say grazie mille!
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