New full exhaust for VW Scirocco facelift 2015 2.0 TSI 180 / 220hp


Supersprint is developing a new high performance sport exhaust for the Volkswagen Scirocco facelift 2015 2.0 TSI.

While the chassis remains unchanged, derivative of the Golf Mk5 / Mk6, the engine is the same EA888 unit found on the Golf GTI Mk7.
It's a vailable in two steps of tune, 180 and 220hp. It seems the only real difference is the engine management, while turbo, fuel pump, pistons etc are all the same, so the tuning potential is very high.
On the GTI mk7 many tuners are able to get over 300hp with few upgrades.

The development car is a 180hp, and on our dyno we found the actual performance are slightly better than claimed: 191 hp and 297 nm against 180 hp and 280nm.
These results are with very little boost, only 0.4 / 0.6 bar.

The new Supersprint exhaust includes a new turbo downpipe, with a clamp connection to the turbo (the previous Scirocco had a flange with holes), available with or without a sports cat, a centre section with or without a silencer and a rear muffler with tailpipes.
The rear section is also available with right+left tips (dual exhaust or quad exhaust) and a R-Style / R-Look system.

While on the Golf GTI Mk7 the frame hasn't got room for a properly sized high flow metallic cat under the frame, the Scirocco does, with the relative performance and efficiency advantages.

Prices, pictures, videos and dyno charts available soon.
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