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Supersprint turbo downpipe - replaces OEM catalytic converter ( "catless downpipe" or "decat pipe")

Built completely in Aisi 304 Stainless Steel, it replaces the restrictive OEM ceramic cat with a simple pipe, allowing improved flow, better performance and a temperature reduction in the engine bay.

This part is the main factor in the performance increase of the Supersprint exhaust system.

It's fitted with the necessary O2 sensor bungs, but because the secondary sensor will read the wrong value, the Check Engine Light will turn on.
The solution is either a specific sensor cheater (also know as emulator, microcat or spacer) or a custom ECU tune.

May cause an error in the ECU caused by the turbo boost getting out of range (too high). This issue can be addressed through an ECU tune or with a Piggyback module (which must be coupled with the sensor cheater, see above).

CAUTION: to couple this component to the OEM centre section requires to reduce the diameter of the outlet to 65 mm. The OEM clamp code 1K0 253 141 AA must be used.

This component also brings a more aggressive note and louder pops, especially with cars fitted with a DSG gearbox, during full throttle upshifts.

3 years of warranty

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