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BMW F32 LCI Coupè 440i (326 Hp) 2015 -> (with valve)

Supersprint has a full exhaust available for the 2018 BMW 440i and the 440i xDrive, which has been designed to enhance the peak hp and the torque, opposite to the restrictive nature of the stock, oem system.

It has been developed and tested in 2015, and sized to guarantee the best flow rate of the spent exhaust gases, with ECU  tune reprogramming up to 400+Hp, helping the B58 engine getting as close as possible to its full potential.

The downpipes are available in three distinct versions; with  HJS Motorposrt, high volume 100 cpsi cat, with  HJS 200 cpsi cat, and in a race, cat-delete option (for closed course, racetrack use only).

The SS downpipes relieve the thermal load off the turbocharger, by a huge amount, making the gains more consistent, too.

The front and mid pipes, also available in a resonated version, use 80mm stainless tubing, mandrel bent,  without the crushed sections of the stock exhaust's compromised design.

This complements the SS Downpipe's ideal flowing characteristics.

The Supersprint dual-sound mode rear muffler has a direct, straight-thru  path when the flap is open, giving a wild, totally untamed exhaust note, and a longer, inner resonated path, for a droning-free operation in the low rpm range.

As in our 60 year tradition, this exhaust and all of its individual components are built in house, here at the Supersprint Factory in Italy.

We even machine and build the flaps at our own shop.

The rear muffler is available in a dual-tip version, for the std. 440i Factory bumper (great looking, with slightly larger than stock dimensions, silver chrome  or black coated), and in a quad-tip design, for the conversion to the BMW M4 style diffuser.

For the the budget-limited projects, we offer an additional D/P + mid exhaust option, which retains the BMW Factory M-Performance rear muffler.
With E.E.C. homologationWith E.E.C. homologation
Component E.E.C. homologation valid only when fitted to the specific Supersprint homologated rear exhaustComponent E.E.C. homologation valid only when fitted to the specific Supersprint homologated rear exhaust
Compatible with the OEM catalytic converterCompatible with the OEM catalytic converter
For racing use onlyFor racing use only
Discontinued Product. Available while stock lastsDiscontinued Product. Available while stock lasts
Threaded bung for oxygen sensor providedThreaded bung for oxygen sensor provided
Oval endpipeOval endpipe
Twin oval endpipeTwin oval endpipe
Flat oval endpipeFlat oval endpipe
With certificate of authenticity - Compliance to sound regulationsWith certificate of authenticity - Compliance to sound regulations
With certificate of conformity for classic exhaust designWith certificate of conformity for classic exhaust design - Internet Partner