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MERCEDES C190 AMG GT "Black Series" 4.0i V8 Bi-Turbo (730 Hp - models with GPF) 2021 ->

aka: Performance sport exhaust for MERCEDES C190 AMG GT "Black Series" GPF


Supersprint has the perfect exhaust for major performance gains on the limited edition 2021 AMG GT Coupè Black Series, which provides for a substantially deeper, throatier sound at the same time.

Our cat-back system has a dual mode design that connects to the factory exhaust flap servomotors.

No modification to the wiring harness is needed. The install is a simple, straightforward job.

Fumbling with the oem, exhaust flap managment system and its wiring harness can lead to major headaches, and it is not a reversible mod.

The Supersprint rear exhaust section is designed to accept the stock managment system, installing on the factory hangers and accepting the AMG tips, as is.

The flaps are open / closed on demand, using the exact same options as with the std exhaust, albeit with a greatly enhanced sound under all conditions, and with no droning in the low rpm range.

Our mid section come in two distinct versions, independent pipes and X-pipe, each with a distinct sound tone.

The Supersprint rear muffler has a proprietary design, with an inner mix chamber that provides for a smooth yet potent sound note, when in the closed flap mode.

When in the open mode, the exhaust gas flows straight out, directly through the tail pipes, for an untamed sound in the mid and up rpm range.

The Supersprint cat-back exhaust is totally compatible with the factory emission control equipment, for a perfectly legal setup, worldwide.

While the cat-back exhaust provides for a much better sound over the stock system, it has little impact on performance, leaving it virtually unchanged.

On the AMG GT Coupè Black Series the engine performance can only be increased by adding the Supersprint R&L turbo downpipes, which replace the restrictive factory equipment with HJS Motorsport, high volume, free flowing catalytics.

For this front exhaust section we offer three distinctive options; Sport, Performance and Race.

The Supersprint Sport downpipes use 200 cpsi, large volume 130mm cats, Euro 5 emission compliant, placed just downstream out of the turbochargers.

This is the perfect downpipe option for the oem ECU setup, requiring no software modification.

The Supersprint Performance Downpipe setup eliminate the primary catalytics, and use a set of 100 cpsi high volume cats, placed in the secondary cat location, further away from the turbochargers, for a substantial reduction in EGT, and backpressure.

This is the best setup to complement more advanced software mods, such as increased turbo boost pressure and similar.

Emissions are increased on cold start mostly; once the exhaust reaches it regular operating temperature, a major part of the pollutants is reduced, with no smell.

The Supersprint catless Race downpipes are recommended for competition use only, in conjunction with the most radical sowtware tunes, turbo upgrades, and race fuel.

With ECC Homologation
Component E.E.C. homologation valid only when fitted to the specific Supersprint homologated rear exhaust
Compliant with the EEC sound regulation N° 70/157
Compatible with the OEM catalytic converter
Discontinued Product. Available while stock lasts
Threaded bung for oxygen sensor provided
With certificate of conformity for classic exhaust design
Systems for replacement of kat for OBD II car models (with lambda sensors before and after the kat.)

These systems can only be used for racing purpose exclusively, in conjunction with the modifications of the engine management system. If used with a stock “ECU”, malfunctions may occur. All modifications must be carried out by qualified personnel only, under the liability of the car owner and at his expense.

Supersprint guarantee is limited to the quality, workmanship and correctly fitting to the intended car model for all race products. - Internet Partner