Supersprint Exhaust for BMW F82 M4 DTM Champion Edition 2018 ->


Supersprint is proud to offer the perfect, Lightweight Race exhaust for the 2017 BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition, which enhances the performance of its authentic 500 hp race-bred, S55 Motorsport engine, with the revolutionary water injection intake system.

Made of thinner wall, high-grade stainless tubing, this Supersprint exhaust also provides for a nice saving in weight, increasing the durability at the same time

As in the Supersprint tradition, the free-flowing, cat-less Turbo Downpipes guarantee a substantial gain in performance, both in peak Hp and in midrange torque.

The cat-less design ensures lower operating temperatures for the turbocharges and for the entire engine valvetrain as well, making the power output very consistent, under the most demanding racing conditions.

The restrictive R&L stock secondary catalytics are replaced by a set of HJS Motorsport, high volume cats.

We also offer a straight-pipe version of the same front exhaust section, intended to be used at events where cats are not mandatory.

The greatly improved, free-flowing capability of the Supersprint exhaust complements all of the individual, specific BMW Motorsport maps available for the M4 DTM Champion Edition, and any independent engine upgrade up to 600+ Hp.

As an alternative, we have an optional, resonated front section, for racetracks venues with more stringent sound regulations, and optional Race mufflers as well.

Thanks to the modular design of our exhaust, we offer distinct setups, rated below 100 db, or below the FIA sound limit of 95 db, albeit each individual configuration ensuring the same increase in performance.

The Supersprint race system, in its straight pipe version, saves weight over the stock exhaust, and it is designed to also accept the BMW Motorsport GT4 muffler-deleting R&L rear pipes, making for even better, overall handling /cornering / braking.

The compound effect of increased performance, and less weight, translates into lower lap times.

All of the Supersprint multiple exhaust configurations install easily, requiring no modifications, as all of the needed provisions for the O2 / Lambda sensors are retained at their specific locations on the SS exhaust.
The slip-on design of the joints ensures quick, easy removals during pit-stops for repairs to the car, during the longest, most grueling racetrack sessions.

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