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BMW E82 1 Series M Coupé (340 Hp) 2011 -> 2012

aka: Performance sport exhaust for BMW E82 1 Series M Coupé

Supersprint has a full exhaust, from-turbo back, for the limited-production 2011-2012 BMW 1M Coupè E82, since day one.

Our turbo downpipes eliminate the restriction of the stock, primary cats.

The small space in the engine bay, and the critical placement of the turbo chargers, leave little or no room for smooth-bend downpipes.

We at Supersprint designed a set of unique downpipes, using tight-radius, 90° bend collectors.

This proprietary, outstanding feature ensures the least resistence path for the exhaust gas escaping from each of the turbochargers' outlet ports, yet a perfect fitment within the narrow engine confines.

We are extremely proud of our own design, as the alternative downpipes available on the market are either made with cheap, wide radius, sharp angled collectors (bad for the gas flow, and for the performance), or built with thicker, heavier cast steel collectors.

Another exclusive, functional feature of the Supersprint Downpipes is the floating pipe joints, designed to relieve all of the thermal induced tensions off of the initial exhaust tract.

This is the most critical, mechanically stressed area of the entire exhaust system.

The Supersprint Downpipes guarantee not only the best performance, but also the longest life.

Moving downstream along the exhaust, our front section uses a set of HJS Motorsport, high flowing metallic cats, a mid resonator (also available in a straight pipe version) and a design-specific rear muffler.

The Supersprint Race rear muffler enhances the sound of the N54T Twin Turbo engine, to the perfect tune.

Thanks to thin-walled, high grade stainless steel, and to the no-frills, race inspired overall design, the Supersprint full exhaust is lighter than stock; the saving is based upon the specific configuration.

As usual, the installation is easy, straightforward, requiring no modifications.

Now that the BMW 1M Coupè has quickly become a contemporary classic Sportcar, it is time to change to the Supersprint exhaust, making it even more valuable.
Claimed data:
Horsepower 340 Hp @ 5900 rpm
Torque 500 Nm @ 1500 ⇒ 4500 rpm

Actual data:
Horsepower 359,0 Hp @ 6160 rpm
Torque 533,9 Nm @ 2105 rpm
Download pdf chart (189 Kb)
- Rear exhaust Right OO80 + Left OO80

Actual data:
Horsepower 360,9 Hp @ 5680 rpm
Torque 542,0 Nm @ 2120 rpm
Download pdf chart (189 Kb)
Stock vs Supersprint "racing" rear exhaust
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- Turbo downpipes kit (repl. pre-cat.) 980211
- Front pipes kit + Metallic catalytic converters 100CPSI 980902
- Centre exhaust 985903
- Rear exhaust "racing" Right OO80 + Left OO80

Actual data:
Horsepower 370,7 Hp @ 5720 rpm
Torque 544,7 Nm @ 2090 rpm
Download pdf chart (189 Kb)
Stock vs Supersprint full system
Download pdf chart (143 Kb)
Who chose this system:

nieue - E82 1 Series M Coupé (340 Hp) 2011

980211 Pipes Kit for turbo charger + 980902 Front exhaust with Metallic catalytic converter Right + Left + 985913 Centre pipe + 046206 Rear exhaust "Racing" OO80 Right – Left
With ECC Homologation
Component E.E.C. homologation valid only when fitted to the specific Supersprint homologated rear exhaust
Compliant with the EEC sound regulation N° 70/157
Compatible with the OEM catalytic converter
Discontinued Product. Available while stock lasts
Threaded bung for oxygen sensor provided
With certificate of conformity for classic exhaust design
Systems for replacement of kat for OBD II car models (with lambda sensors before and after the kat.)

These systems can only be used for racing purpose exclusively, in conjunction with the modifications of the engine management system. If used with a stock “ECU”, malfunctions may occur. All modifications must be carried out by qualified personnel only, under the liability of the car owner and at his expense.

Supersprint guarantee is limited to the quality, workmanship and correctly fitting to the intended car model for all race products. - Internet Partner