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FERRARI 400 GT '76 -> '79

aka: Performance sport exhaust for FERRARI 400 GT


Here is the #Supersprint #exhaust for the #Ferrari 400 GT , possibly the most iconic 2+2 Granturismo sport car of the late 70s, equipped with the legendary, Italian built 4.8L #V12 engine.

Incidentally, Italy is where the Supersprint Exhaust Factory is located.

That is the small town of Mantova, the birthplace of Tazio Nuvolari; some 35miles north of another small town, name Maranello, nearby Modena.

Nowadays, we still build and sell this performance exhaust, in its very same, original design. Made of 304 grade stainless steel, for unequalled durability.

Supersprint loves the classics. Always has.

Fact is, we were born with these cars in 1955, and have created, designed, developed most of our performance exhausts when those models were brand new to the market.

We know the ins and outs of them all, because we grew with them, experiencing the change from carburetors to fuel injection.

Our Ferrari systems are exactly the Supersprint original Performance Exhaust designs, not reproductions of the stock, factory systems, nor modern exhaust concepts and creations transferred over to old cars.
For example, the Supersprint mufflers are made with straight-thru, inner perforated cores, packed with sound-deadening steel and rock wool; no inner chambers, baffles or any other form of restriction to free-flowing.

The volume of the canisters, the diameter, lenght of the cores is tuned to suit each individual engine, its power output, its sound.
Supersprint guarantees, what worked the best back then, still works the best today.
We had sized our exhausts to optimize performance with the engine in stock form, and with mild-to-medium tuning modifications.
For selected models, we also offer oversized pipe diameter, Racing exhausts.
We can proudly say, the Supersprint exhausts for the Ferrari Classics are the perfect complement to the most exclusive restoration projects.

With ECC Homologation
Component E.E.C. homologation valid only when fitted to the specific Supersprint homologated rear exhaust
Compliant to the permissible noise emission regulation No. 70/157/EEC.
Conformity derived from an EEC Type Approval Certificate which does not explicitly list this specific vehicle model.
Compliant to the permissible noise emission regulation No. 70/157/EEC.
Compatible with the OEM catalytic converter
Discontinued Product. Available while stock lasts
Threaded bung for oxygen sensor provided
With certificate of conformity for classic exhaust design
Systems for replacement of kat for OBD II car models (with lambda sensors before and after the kat.)

These systems can only be used for racing purpose exclusively, in conjunction with the modifications of the engine management system. If used with a stock “ECU”, malfunctions may occur. All modifications must be carried out by qualified personnel only, under the liability of the car owner and at his expense.

Supersprint guarantee is limited to the quality, workmanship and correctly fitting to the intended car model for all race products. - Internet Partner