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MERCEDES W211 E 500 V8 (M113 - 5.0L - 306 Hp) (Sedan + S.W.) '02 ->'05

aka: Performance sport exhaust for MERCEDES W211 E 500 V8

2 x Ø 60mm system, 100% Stainless steel
Claimed data:
Horsepower 306 Hp at 5600 rev/min
Torque 460 Nm at 2700 rev/min
Actual data:
Horsepower 295 Hp at 5800 rev/min
Torque 426,5 Nm at 4110 rev/min.
- Manifold 844101
- Metallic catalytic converteRight 844402 - 844422
- Centre exhaust 844403
- Rear exhausts Right+ Left 844407 + 884437
Actual data:
Horsepower 325.7 Hp at 6010 rev/min
Torque 436.5 Nm at 4220 rev/min.
The Supersprint full exhaust system, thanks to its long-tube headers, Metallic catalytic converters and free-flow mufflers, is the single, most cost-effective improvement for the E 500 normally aspirated, 3-valve engine.
The short headers, which Supersprint had originally developed and pioneered on the previous generation W210 E 500 / E55 AMG cars, did provide a relatively small increase in peak horsepower, and virtually no gain in the low rpm torque.
Since then, a few companies had copied the original Supersprint, short headers design, and extended their application to most of the Mercedes V8 models, including the S/C AMG 55 cars. They literally flooded the market, making wild performance claims. The truth is, they are selling products without any sort of back-up R&D work, dyno sessions or durability tests.
These people simply took a Supersprint existing product and copied it, down to its smallest detail. Unfortunately, the performance increase they get is very limited, even if mated to other exhaust and engine modifications. Supersprint knows this all very well, as these short headers were originally developed and produced by Supersprint itself, in 1998.
The Supersprint, 2002 developed long-tube headers, on the contrary, have made the short headers become obsolete, overnight, offering a substantial increase in low and mid rpm torque, as well as in peak Hp. Regardless of what others may claim on their own exhaust parts, the Supersprint full exhaust for the E500  is the best exhaust in business, bar none. The initial work of the Supersprint R&D team had used several Supersprint proprietary exhaust design concepts from the SL 500, which shares the same type of engine with the E500 / CLS 500. However, the similarities end with the length of the primary headers tubes, as the remain exhaust components, from the down pipes to the Metallic catalytic converters, to the mid-resonator and the rear mufflers are made specific for the E.
After all these years, the Supersprint E 500 exhaust still remains the best, full performance system for these cars.
This twin pipe, oversize 2 x 60mm exhaust includes special HJS-Emitec Metallic catalytic converters, mid-pipes with built-in "crossover" section (X-pipe), and quad-tip, oval design rear mufflers, each with a straight-thru silencer canister (dual tips are also available, as an option to fit to the stock rear bumper).
While the huge increase in performance is immediately noticeable, the overall sound is also simply amazing.
No rear muffler or cat-back system alone can equal the deep, sporty sound of the full Supersprint exhaust.
Rear mufflers

The Supersprint Right & Left rear mufflers use the Free-Flow design, typical of all of the Supersprint performance systems.
These mufflers come with a made in Germany, EEC homologation, which makes them road legal, worldwide. Contrary to the stock muffler system, which uses the baffled, resonated chamber design, this exclusive design not only gives the Supersprint exhaust the right sound but also ensures an effective reduction in backpressure, when mated to the full Supersprint system.
The Supersprint silencer canister tapered cross-section, its overall volume, the inner, perforated core pipe diameter, all work together to get the best out of this Mercedes V8 n/a, 3-valve engine, and ensure optimum results. Supersprint uses his exclusive, oval & tapered cross-section silencer design, which has been developed specifically for all of the Mercedes models with a R & L exhaust placed directly behind the rear wheels, like the SLK 171, the R230 SL, and the W221 S.
This particular, streamlined design uses the available space for the exhaust system at its best, and keeps the silencer boxes tucked in and away from the direct air flow running under the car chassis. This feature ensures the least wind resistance. The exclusive Supersprint muffler design also provides the right blend of exciting sound and optimum performance, while never becoming obnoxious, at any rpm.
The Supersprint SL 500 mufflers are available in the quad, 120x80mm elliptical tip design, or in the dual, 145x75mm flat design version (E500).
And since the Supersprint tips are separate from the canisters, the bolt-on system with its ring clamp allows for a full range of adjustability upon the installation, and guarantees fine tuning the tips position to the rear bumper skirt.

The Supersprint resonator is completely flow-tru design, just like the Supersprint rear mufflers. It's also available in an optional, race-pipe version (non-resonated).
Both parts use the world-known Supersprint, built-in X-pipe, a special crossover section, placed at the ideal distance from the engine, which equalizes the exhaust gas backpressure between the right and the left side cylinder banks of the Mercedes V8 motor.
The X-pipe refines the sound at all rpm ranges, enhancing the harmonic of the engine exhaust waves, and guarantees a healthy, sport sound. The Supersprint mid-pipe kit has been made with substantially larger than stock, Oversize tubes (2 x 60mm Vs. the smallish 2 x 52mm found on the oem exhaust), for an effective increase in exhaust gas flow. The routing of the pipes ensures a perfect fitment and the necessary body clearance.
No rubbing or rattling against the chassis while driving.
All of the Supersprint exhausts are well-known for their flawless fitting, nonetheless.
Metallic catalytic converters, with 100cpsi monoliths

The front section of the Supersprint exhaust uses 2 Metallic catalytic converters with 100cpsi rating, one cat each side. The stock system, on the contrary, uses a total of 4 cats (2 cats each side), 2 of them (1 each side) are positioned very close to the cylinder heads, and their rating is 400cpsi or higher.
This design has the sole purpose of providing a shorter warm-up time during the cold start phase, but at the same time it severely restricts the exhaust gas flow and compromises on the performance of the engine. The Supersprint cats, made in Germany by HJS- Emitec, the world leader in technology for performance, Metallic catalytic converters, are positioned further downstream in the exhaust system, have a much lower 100 cpsi rating, and use oversize, 63.5mm piping before and after the cats.
The merging cones are Supersprint’s own design components, and they are designed to offer the smoothest transition from the pipes to the cats. These features guarantee a dramatic reduction of the exhaust gas backpressure, and also allow for a lower operating temperature in the head exhaust ports' area, when under a load, especially at medium and high rpm.
This Supersprint exhaust component uses before-cat and after-cat Lambda sensor ports, and is totally compatible with the car's own OBD II emission management system. It is also available in the non-cat, straight pipe version, upon special request, for closed-course, track-only use, wherever the race sanctioning body regulations allow it.

The key component of the Supersprint E 500 exhaust, instrumental to best performance, is the headers. These very special headers have been designed and developed by Supersprint' own R&D team, and they have been extensively tested on Supersprint own MAHA braked dynamometer.
While the stock headers use an ineffective log design, with extremely short, restrictive runners, made out of stamped, metal halves, the Supersprint headers feature long, 42mm o.d. tubular, individual primaries, mated together smoothly, thanks to the special, 4-1 Supersprint 63.5mm merge collector design.
As a comparison, the stock headers and the inlet pipe leading to the cats have a main section of only 46mm, this means that the Supersprint headers have a 73% wider cross-section in this particular, most critical area.
At peak rpm, the exhaust backpressure the Supersprint system is just under .17 bar, a key recipe for making the best performance, while the stock system has 42 bar.
This 60% reduction of backpressure immediately translates into lower exhaust gas restriction, better flow and stronger performance at all rpm. A result this good cannot be achieved by any cat-back exhaust only, no matter which design and pipe size it’s made with. This is the only reason why Supersprint develops and produces full headers systems, as they are the only way possible to real, solid increases in performance.
Everything else available on the market is made mostly for sound and looks. Also, the Supersprint patented multi-piece pipe headers design allows for an easy fitment process, which does not require lifting the motor from its mounts.
This headers only fits the left hand drive E model.

The final result of the full Supersprint exhaust system is a substantial increase in peak performance and torque, starting from the lower rpm range, all the way the rev limiter.
Each one of the individual components of the Supersprint exhaust has been designed and tested to work at their best when mated together with the others, with the specific goal of getting the most performance from the E 500 engine. This means, the optimum, overall results can only be achieved by using all of these components together. At peak rpm, the increase in performance is +31 Hp, while the torque curve is constantly above the stock curve, starting from the power band basement. Last, but not least, the lighter overall weight of the Supersprint exhaust system further enhances the straight line acceleration, and the handling characteristics of the SL 500, by a considerable amount.
With EEC homologation / Compliant to the EEC N°70/157 standard
Component E.E.C. homologation valid only when fitted to the specific Supersprint homologated rear exhaust
Compatible with the OEM catalytic converter
For racing use only
Discontinued Product. Available while stock lasts
Threaded bung for oxygen sensor provided
Oval endpipe
Twin oval endpipe
Flat oval endpipe
With certificate of authenticity - Compliance to sound regulations
With certificate of conformity for classic exhaust design
Systems for replacement of kat for OBD II car models (with lambda sensors before and after the kat.)

These systems can only be used for racing purpose exclusively, in conjunction with the modifications of the engine management system. If used with a stock “ECU”, malfunctions may occur. All modifications must be carried out by qualified personnel only, under the liability of the car owner and at his expense.

Supersprint guarantee is limited to the quality, workmanship and correctly fitting to the intended car model for all race products. - Internet Partner