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FORD ESCORT RS COSWORTH 4x4 (220 Hp) '92 ->'96

aka: Performance sport exhaust for FORD ESCORT RS COSWORTH

A throwback in time; here is the Supersprint, tubular headers / manifold for the 1992 - 1996 FORD Escort Cosworth 4x4, and the Turbo Downpipe + exhaust system to complement it.

Developed 30 years ago, originally on the Sierra Cosworth, our equal lenght, oversize primary headers ensure an optimum flow of the exhaust gas coming out from each of the 4 cilynders, down to the inlet port of the Turbo, increasing the spooling efficiency and the perfomance by a great amount.

During the R&D process, the goal of creating a smooth-bend design was relatively easy for us to achieve; however we anticipated that if we used conventioal steel tubing, the resistence and the durability would become a concern.

Thanks to our contacts in the tubing Industry, we were able to source a special grade of steel, the 310S, an alloy developed specifically for the exhaust headers of the F1 cars of the Turbo era.

This superior material resists the quick thermal expansions and the most brutal, repeated heat cycles, like no other steel alloy does.

Up to date, the 310S steel tubing is used almost exclusively in the performance exhaust industry, only by very few manufacturers.

After all these years, we are proud to offer this Supersprint headers, still in its original form.

Alongside our manifolds, we also have the Supersprint turbo-back, stainless steel, free flowing exhaust.

The weight saving over the cast-iron, stock manifold and exhaust system is massive.

Supersprint for the Escort Cosworth means more power, more sound, less weight, ease of installation, and a longer life.
With ECC Homologation
Component E.E.C. homologation valid only when fitted to the specific Supersprint homologated rear exhaust
Compliant to the noise regulation 70/157/EEC.
However the specific model or engine type may not be included within the official list of vehicles this exhaust is legally issued for.
Compliant to the noise regulation 70/157/EEC.
Compatible with the OEM catalytic converter
Discontinued Product. Available while stock lasts
Threaded bung for oxygen sensor provided
With certificate of conformity for classic exhaust design
Systems for replacement of kat for OBD II car models (with lambda sensors before and after the kat.)

These systems can only be used for racing purpose exclusively, in conjunction with the modifications of the engine management system. If used with a stock “ECU”, malfunctions may occur. All modifications must be carried out by qualified personnel only, under the liability of the car owner and at his expense.

Supersprint guarantee is limited to the quality, workmanship and correctly fitting to the intended car model for all race products. - Internet Partner