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FERRARI California 30 4.3i V8 (490 Hp) 2012 -> 2014

alias: Scarico sportivo per FERRARI California 30

The #Supersprint exhaust for the 2009-2012 #Ferrari #California Spider has been developed with the main goal of getting the best performance out of the 4.3l V8 engine.

Since the factory, std. headers are free-flowing already, not equipped with the dreaded, pre-cats, we went straight to eliminate the main source of restriction, the R&L main catalytics.

We redesigned the exhaust from the ground up, moving from the headers back, starting with a set of HJS Motorsport, high flowing cats, placed in the same area as the stock ones.

An X-pipe (also offered in a resonated version) and R&L rear mufflers, available in multiple options, Racing or Dual-Sound, complete the system.

Thanks to the free-flowing scheme, and to the oversize diameter piping, this Supersprint exhaust setup provides for a massive drop in exhaust gas backpressure, guaranteeing stronger torque thtroughout the entire powerband, and more peak hp as well.

Overall, a great improvement in engine performance, and less weight to carry all along.

A positive, side effect of the Supersprint treatment is a throatier, much healthier sound, which can be fine-tuned with the combination of the SS individual components, for a final sound result ranging from mild to wild.

Our dual-sound rear mufflers use the same type of vacuum-operated flaps as the stock system, implying that the installation is a straightforward, plain bolt-on process, with no modification to the std. control unit required.

Last, but not least, the Pininfarina instant-classic Design of the California rear bumper section is mantained unchanged, as our mufflers are built to accept the intergated, factory quad exhaust tips.
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