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PORSCHE 997 GT2 RS 3.6 (620 Hp) 2010 -> 2012

alias: Scarico sportivo per PORSCHE 911 997.2 GT2 RS

Supersprint has a real performance exhaust available for the 2010 -> 2012 PORSCHE 997 GT2 RS 3.6L.

For some unknown reason, the stock exhaust is under-designed, putting a serious damper to the potential of the 620hp-rated engine.

It uses tiny headers (the very same stock/factory parts that had been developed for the regular 420hp 996 TT a decade earlier), a set of extremely restrictive, ceramic-substrate catalytics, and a very short-lived, crack -prone titanium muffler.

Ultimately, the std exhaust system can be considered an embarassment to this exclusive car, to say the least.

Ironically, only the R&L oval tail tips seem to be up to par.

The Supersprint tubular headers and exhaust is the perfect cure for all those issues, guaranteeing substantial Hp gains and better torque, a greatly reduced heat soak for a more consistent engine performance, a magnificent flat-6 sound, and an unsurpassed durability, at the same time.
Con omologazione CEE, o conforme alla normativa CEE N° 70/157
Omologazione componente valida solo se installati con posteriori Supersprint omologati
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