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alias: Scarico sportivo per VW GOLF mk4 R32


It's been 18 long years, since the #Supersprint stainless #exhaust for the #Volkswagen 2002-2004 #GolfR32 has been introduced, becoming an immediate sales hit.

Among the Golf community, worldwide, the R32 had become the real GTI in the gen. 4 Golf range, making more performance and better sound than the four cyl. GTI 1.8 Turbo.

However, its standard exhaust was far from being the perfect system for the VR6 engine, as it proved to be restrictive, overweight, nice-sounding but still too quiet.

We at Supersprint spent long, hard working days, designing a totally new exhaust from the ground up, in order to overcome these negatives.

While everyone in the exhaust business went the easy way, and settled on offering the cat-back part of the exhaust only, for pure cosmetics, and more noise, we had a totally different approach, focusing on the restrictive, power-robbing areas of the exhaust system instead.

Putting lame efforts has never been in our DNA; when we design new exhausts, we always aim at getting the best.

More peak Hp, but most important, more torque in the midrange; now that was our goal.

We have changed everything in the layout of the stock exhaust, from all the way up on the engine head, by designing longer primaries with specific flanges to match the exhaust ports, to enlarging piping diameter on each individual section, to building a straight-thru, single-perforated core, tuned muffler.

Hence the Supersprint tubular headers, with their HJS Motorsport, twin metallic cats were born, complemented by our free-flowing rear muffler and mid resonater.

Tested back-to-back against the stock system, this new Supersprint full exhaust made huge gains, from the low rpm
range to redline, also guaranteeing a throaty, drone-free, powerful sound.

The results were clear, as the maximum increase was + 20 Hp, + 30 Nm torque, made throughout specific, wide areas of the powerband.

Technically speaking, the most interesting guideline drawn by our R&D Team was, not going overboard with piping size, as our in-house dyno testing, done with exhaust gas backpressure monitoring, made it clear that this particular VR6 powerplant (in its stock form) performs to its best potential with firm, 65mm tubing.

Equally important, we carefully routed the pipes well within the tight confines of the 4-Motion drivetrain, always ensuring a proper clearance.
The final fitment of this Supersprint exhaust proved nothing less than perfect.

Later on, we also introduced a larger size, 70mm specific exhaust, recommended for more radical tunes and supercharging conversions.

Dati dichiarati:
Potenza 241 Hp a 6250 g/min
Coppia 320 Nm a 2800 g/min
Dati rilevati:
Potenza 236,9 Hp a 6530 g/min
Coppia 312,2 Nm a 3000 g/min.
Scarica file
- Posteriore 762604
- Kit terminali 887816
Dati rilevati:
Potenza 241,5 Hp a 6570 g/min
Coppia 321,4 Nm a 3020 g/min

Scarica file
- Collettore 887801
- Metallic kat. 325702
- Tubo Centrale 325413
- Posteriore 325604
- Kit terminali 325916
Dati rilevati:
Potenza 250,3 Hp a 6545 g/min
Coppia 328,2 Nm a 3075 g/min

Scarica file
Con omologazione CEE, o conforme alla normativa CEE N° 70/157
Omologazione componente valida solo se installati con posteriori Supersprint omologati
Compatibile con catalizzatore di serie
Esclusivamente per utilizzo agonistico
Articolo fuori produzione. Disponibile fino ad esaurimento scorte magazzino
Predisposizione per innesto sonde lambda
Terminale ovale
Terminale doppio ovale
Terminale ovale piatto
Provvisto di certificato di origine/conformità
Provvisto di attestazione di storicità
Impianti sostitutivi catalizzatori (anteriori e/o collettori) per modelli di auto a con sistema di controllo emissioni OBD II.

Supersprint informa che detti impianti sono da impiegare esclusivamente per uso agonistico e che il loro utilizzo, se non accompagnato da opportune modifiche al sistema di gestione elettronica del motore, potrebbe causare malfunzionamenti. Tutte le modifiche sono da eseguirsi esclusivamente da parte di personale qualificato, sotto la responsabilità del proprietario dell’auto e con costi interamente a suo carico.

Questi prodotti, come tutti gli impianti da competizione, sono coperti da garanzia Supersprint limitatamente alla qualità dei materiali ed alla corretta montabilità dei componenti sui modelli di auto ai quali sono destinati. - Internet Partner