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SEAT LEON 5F ST Wagon Cupra R 4Drive 2.0 TSI (300 Hp - Modelli con GPF) 2019 -> (con valvola)

alias: Scarico sportivo per SEAT LEON 5F ST Wagon Cupra R con GPF

Supersprint offers a Performance, Turbo-back full #exhaust for the 2019 #Seat #Leon Wagon #Cupra R 4-Drive, with the latest generation, Euro 6 - GPF 2.0 TFSI engine.

Thanks to the elimination of the overly restrictive, std. catalytic and soot/particle filter system, and to a massively larger, 80mm pipe diameter, the increase in exhaust gas flow is massive, guaranteeing more torque at all rpm, and more peak hp.

This Supersprint exhaust, with its high volume HJS Motorsport catalytic (130mm) is sized to gain performance on the engine in the standard state of tune (300 Hp), and also to become the perfect complement to any mild or radical modifications, to an upper limit of 400 hp.

Our modular design, and the wide range of options offered on each of the individual components, make for the perfect way to let the owner build his customized exhaust.

The final sound of the dual-mode, R&L flap mufflers can range from Touring to Sport to Race loud.

The downpipe is available in 200 cpsi and 100 cpsi versions, as well as in a cat-deleting option, for racetrack use only.

More power, less weight, a gorgeous sound, perfect style and a legendary durability; all of these features within the same Supersprint full exhaust.

As usual, the installation is straightforward, requiring no modifications.
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