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Supersprint centre pipes "Racing"

"Race" centre section, without a silencer, with separate right and left pipes.
The exhaust notes is as loud as it gets with an amplified V8 staccato and a metallic tone.

It replaces the OEM centre silencer (also known as resonator).
The external diameter is Ø65mm to reduce backpressure.
It includes two adapters to connect to the stock front section, which has Ø60mm outlets.

CAUTION: To fit this part with the stock rear mufflers it's necessary to request a diameter reduction to Ø60mm on the outlets at the moment of the order.
The stock system must be cut in the correct spot, indicated by the small "bumps" on the pipes.
It'll be possible to re-use the OEM clamps, now removed from the front/centre connection, to connect the centre pipes to the rear mufflers.
To fit back the stock centre silencer it'll be necessary to purchase two more clamps from the Audi dealer (Part number 1K0 253 141 N).


The coupling of the Supersprint centre section with the OEM rear mufflers may require specific adaptors, even in the case when it's not specified that the part requires to be fitted as a kit with others.
The cause may be a different diameter, anyway the coupling may require a connecting sleeve.
Such adaptors must be requested at the moment of the order, ask our experts about the price and measures.

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