Credit cards

The payment of the goods purchased online at the site is carried out by credit card: cards belonging to the following companies will be accepted: Visa, MasterCard.


The absolute security of the transactions during the insertion of card details is guaranteed by use of the TLS system (Transport Layer Security, one of the international standards). This guarantees that reserved information inserted by the purchaser are always and only transmitted to the Paypal  responsible for receiving payments. No data relative to the credit card used for the payment is sent on to the site, nor can be saved in the aforementioned web sites archives.

During the process of data insertion the TLS secure connection will be indicated by the appearance of a closed padlock on the lower border of the browser window. According to the browser and DOS system set-up, a warning window could also appear advising of the imminent secure area. In case of error during the insertion of data it will be possible to go back to the site and try the credit card payment again. At the end of the procedure a page will be displayed with the confirmation of the payment and a receipt of the credit card transaction will be sent directly to the bank by e-mail.

Bank Transfer
If you selected, as the type of payment, the bank money transfer in advance, you have to specify in the money transfer description the order number you received from our website.
We will ship the ordered products immediately after we will have received an email with the bank money transfer data, so we can check the accounting with our bank. 

Please use the following data for the bank money transfer
IBAN: IT45L0306911510100000000280 

We accept both traditional bank transfers, both transfers online.
It must be specified the reason of the transfer order number assigned by the website.
The products will be sent immediately after the receiving of an e-mail with details of the transfer executed or a Fax receipt of transfer to the number +39 320 66 68 130 (indicating clearly the references of the order, full name and e-mail), so we can verify the accounts by our bank. will save in its archive the data of the customer, excluding credit card, which will be treated in compliance with the privacy policy. To have all the rights guaranteed under the Legislative Decree 196/2003.

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