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BMW F20 / F21 LCI M135i (320 Hp) 2016 ->

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The exhaust system for BMW F20 / F21 M135i (320 Hp) is composed by:

- Turbo downpipe kit with or without a metallic catalytic converter
- Front pipe
- Centre section in resonated or not resonated versions.
- Rear exhaust
- 2x100mm or 4x80mm tailpipes (the bumper must be trimmed)

The catalytic converter, as in the Supersprint tradition, is replaced by a HJS metallic unit. It's much more efficient and free-flowing but at the same time offers an optimal reduction of pollutant gas.

CAUTION: Reprogramming / adaptation of the Engine ECU is necessary when fitting the turbo downpipes (with or without cat) to avoid electronic issues connected to the turbo pressure.

If you're looking only for a more involving and sportier exhaust tone and don't want to replace the downpipe, the "Cat-back" setup is recommended. It's composed by front pipe + centre pipe and the rear exhaust.

Following our very long tradition (est.1955), the main target is not to change the nature of the car, loosing comfort in the process, but to make the engine note more pleasant and distinctive, without being excessive, but even more important, to increase the performance. We still offer a louder, more aggressive setup for enthusiasts.

The look is the perfect match of sportiness and class, with rear exhaust available with a dual pipes or a quad pipes setups (two for each side) perfectly integrated in the bumper line, for a sporty but still elegant result.
Claimed data:
Horsepower 319,9 Hp @ 5800 rpm
Torque 450 Nm @ 1300-4500 rpm

Actual data:
Horsepower 319,9 Hp @ 6250 rpm
Torque 462,5 Nm @ 3140 rpm
- Centre Pipe 988613
- Rear exhaust  Right O100 + Left O100  988624

Actual data:
Horsepower 330,9 Hp @ 6080 rpm
Torque 469 Nm @ 2770 rpm
Stock VS Supersprint (988613 Centre pipe + 988624 Rear exhaust right O100 - left O100)
- Downpipe kit + Metallic catalytic converter (100 CPSI) 988521
- Front pipe 988612
- Centre pipe 988613
Rear exhaust Right O100 - Left O100 988624

Actual data:
Horsepower 347,9 Hp @ 6010 rpm
Torque 486,2 Nm @ 2980 rpm
Stock VS Supersprint full exhaust system
С омологацией E.C. С омологацией E.C. 
Компонент с омологацией E.C. только если установлен специальный глушитель Supersprint с омологациейКомпонент с омологацией E.C. только если установлен специальный глушитель Supersprint с омологацией
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