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AUDI R8 Plus Coupé 5.2 FSI V10 (610 Hp) 2015 ->

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With the new stainless exhaust offering for the 2018 #Audi #R8 Coupe Edition Audi Sport, #Supersprint guarantees "La Voce Italiana" to the 5.2i V10 610 Hp engine.
A genuine, Italian Performance addition, "Una Parte Speciale" for an incredible Supercar from Germany, with a strong Italian Heritage.

Available in three options, Sport, Race and Dual-Sound, the SS systems offer a huge improvement against the massive, overbuilt and convoluted stock exhaust.

"Gran Turismo", "Competizione", "Suono Variabile"; these are the original, authentic Italian names of our exhaust projects.

The main features are a healthier sound, an increased performance and a substantial saving in weight, up to - 17kg (Race System).

"Suono", "Prestazioni", "Leggerezza"; those are the goals our guys have pursued, here at our Factory, "Officina Supersprint" in Mantova, Italy.

Our headers-back exhausts delete the built-within-the-muffler, restrictive secondary cats, and use a totally free-flowing silencer design.

Also, all of our systems gets rid of the gearbox-wraparound, stock exhaust design, with the awful, dropping-sidebag muffler sections.

The Supersprint slimmer, cleaner, minimalist yet ingenious layout, the "Essenzialità Italiana Delle Linee", guarantee a massive reduction in exhaust gas back-pressure, and a lower operating temperature for the gearbox as well.

The improvement of the exhaust dynamics' efficiency translates into a stronger torque curve, leading to a gain of + 20 hp at peak rpm.

In spite of the increased performance and torque, the engine and the gearbox greatly benefit from a relieved thermal stress, under all driving conditions; expecially on racetrack, stop-and-go events.

Since the stock primary cats and their control O2 sensors are retained in their provisions, no emission-related error codes are generated, no CEL are triggered.

Each of these Supersprint exhausts glorifies the iconic sound, "il Suono Leggendario" of the AUDI / Lamborghini, high revving V10 engine, albeit in a specific, distinctive way.

The "Scarico Gran Turismo", offers a rich exhaust note, yet it guarantees no droning in the low rpm range; this is our recommended, ideal setup for high mileage use, in particular for long-distance commuting on Autobahns.

Opposite to it, the system "Scarico Competizione" makes the sound extreme, yet compliant under the most stringent FIA regulations; the perfect exhaust for racetrack events.

Finally, the "Scarico Supersprint Suono Variabile" guarantees a drone-free, albeit sport exhaust note in the closed-valve (quiet) mode, and a wild, F1 scream in the open (loud) mode.

By using the same type of vacuum-activated flaps as found on the stock exhaust, no modification or reprogramming of the ECU is necessary.
Please notice, due to the high db level at WOT, this system may not be legal at some racetrack venues.

As with most of our performance exhausts, installing the Supersprint Audi R8 systems is a straightforward job, thanks to the plug&play design.
Crafted out of the best quality stainless steel alloy, each section made with specific wall thickness for lightweight and strenght, all of these Supersprint systems are built to last.
С омологацией E.C. С омологацией E.C. 
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