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FERRARI 599 GTO 6.0i V12 (670 Hp) 2010 -> 2011

alias: Scarico sportivo per FERRARI 599 GTO

The 2010-2011, Limited Edition Ferrari 599 GTO, with its 6.0L; V12  670 engine, certainly is a unique car; one of the most complete, Racetrack-ready cars ever made in Maranello.

However it is not perfect.

In spite of the claims made by the Factory of being equipped with an authentic Race exhaust, quite the opposite is true when it comes to the headers.

The stock, 6-into-1 tubular headers system is heavily compromised by the restrictive design of the integrated catalytics.

The Supersprint long tube Competition headers and exhaust system is the perfect cure for that, proving to be a great performance addition.

Its free-flowing design provides for a significant decrease in exhaust gas backpressure, totally eliminating the restriction made by the primary/main  catalytics, which are nestled within the tight confines of the engine bay, in order to comply to the Euro and US emission standards.

Our headers system, with its dual, 3-into-1 sections, and its  long-tube, twin downpipes design, mirroring on each cilynder bank, allows for a radically new relocation of the R&L catalytics, moving them effectively further away from the engine, into their ideal, natural position under the car chassis.

This translates into a significant result in terms of performance, and guarantees radically reduced heat soak and thermal stress at the same time.

The Supersprint mid exhaust section and the R&L lightweight rear mufflers complete the package, providing for a monumental V12 sound.

With the Supersprint full exhaust in place, the 599 GTO becomes a contender to the 730 Hp Ferrari's own 599xx.

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