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RANGE ROVER SPORT SVR 5.0i V8 Supercharged (575 Hp) 2018 ->

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alias: Scarico sportivo per RANGE ROVER SPORT SVR

Supersprint offers the best performance exhaust for the 2018-2019 Range Rover Sport SVR, complete from the manifolds back.

Our system makes more torque, more power, and an amazing V8 sound.

In spite of the high state of tune, the 5.0i Supercharged V8 engine is seriously chocked and restricted by the std. equipment catalytic + GPF particulate filter.

The key component of the Supersprint system is the R&L downpipe kit, made with larger diameter, stainless tubing and a set of HJS Motorsport, high volume 100 cpsi twin catalytics, placed further away from the engine, for a massive relief in thermal stress.

The dramatic reduction in exhaust gas backpressure lets the engine breathe free, providing for a huge gain in low and mid rpm torque.

The SS cat-back, oversize diameter exhaust parts, available in multiple options, resonated vs. straight-pipe, with silver chrome or black, 100mm quad tips, let each RR Sport SVR individual owner design and create his specific exhaust, in terms of sound modulation and style.

No doubt about it, the Supersprint exhaust is the most effective, bolt-on performance addition for the RR Sport 5.0i SVR.

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